You got a BHAG?

01.06.10 | Posted in Entrepreneurship

I love a good BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal.)  Jim Collins made them famous in his book ‘Built to Last’. BHAG

I see many successful businesses developing them as a way to steer their company to the end game they’re playing for. It’s such a great motivator, and when you’ve got one, it can take care of so many business decisions. You just need to ask: “Will this activity ultimately support our BHAG?”

We’ve got a BHAG at Business Chicks.

It’s to have 250,000 members by 2015.

It’s kind of simple. Easy to understand. It’s measurable. It’s big enough to be scary, but tangible and realistic enough to be attainable. When the time comes, there’ll be no doubting if we’ve achieved it or not. We either will have or we won’t have.

We talked about our BHAG a lot before we got it right. When we reached it during a brainstorming session, we all knew it was perfect because the energy changed, and everyone sat up a bit taller and got silly grins on their faces. It felt right. We knew it was a big stretch, but we also knew it was achievable if we applied ourselves, built the right strategy and got into execution.

Naomi Simson and the gang at RedBalloon have also got one. It’s to have 10% of the Australian population experience a RedBalloon activity by 2015. There’s a scoreboard in the RedBalloon offices that shows the team where they’re up to. This shot was taken last week.

RedBalloon scoreboard

All good BHAGs should support your purpose for being in business.

At Business Chicks our purpose is to enrich the lives of women in business. At RedBalloon they want to change gifting in Australia forever.

Have you got a BHAG? Share it with me below to be in the running to win a ticket to the next Business Chicks event in your capital city.


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  1. Amanda Rose

    Loving the BHAG – yes I do have one – or should I say more than one! One of my main ones is to be the leading female speaker on generating ideas and motivating small business owners in Australia and across the Globe….now that is definately hairy!

  2. Emily

    Heat up the wax. This one is indeed hairy! By 2015, my husband and I want to be earning the same salaries as we are now, but working for ourselves.

  3. living savvy

    I am just not that into S.M.A.R.T. goals or BHAG either. It’s probably a bit controversial for a life coach to admit this. After all, aren’t I supposed to be leading by example? Demonstrating to my clients and my readers how important it is to plan their success with detailed objectives and fixed deadlines?
    I tend to design my life in large brush strokes with a wish list, clear picture of my dreams or an awareness of what I want to do or achieve and my history has shown that intuitively I have made these things happen.
    Saying that I have enjoyed reading the BHAG that have been shared hear. I would love to be kept in the look on how everyone is progressing towards them. Go strong girls!!

  4. Jenene Davies

    My BHAG for the next 3 months is to finish my Clinical Studio being constructed by my Builder Husband at home, my 6 month BHAG is to have the Look Good, Feel Better business accept some pro bono work to help those suffering and recovering from breast cancer and my 12 month BHAG is to finish my Masters in Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing and secure work with a Plastic surgeon specialising in breast reconstruction. I will be the only Cosmetic Tattooing in Newcastle who’s business is uniquely Cosmetic Tattooing as I won’t have any form of busiiness, beauty or otherwise creating an extra income.

  5. Emma

    Thanks to all of you for your comments above. We plonked all the names ‘into a hat’ – well, let me be honest, there was really no hat involved (more like an envelope) and Amanda Rose’s name was the one pulled out. Amanda, please email and let her know which state you’re in, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the next Business Chicks event!