Who's your dream employer?

09.08.10 | Posted in General

When I was 15, my careers advisor at school told me I was good with people and that I should look into a career in HR. So I ran straight away to look up what ‘HR’ meant and decided then and there that one day I’d be the HR manager at Coca-Cola.

I’ve no idea why I thought to work at Coke. I suppose it was the first large company that came into my head at the time. I never Dreamdid make it to an HR career in a large firm. Instead I joined a small recruitment business after a short six-month university stint; a business that I’d soon acquire a fifty per cent shareholding in and would go on to grow significantly over seven years.

During my time in that recruitment company, I recruited for Coca-Cola and got to spend a bit of time within the business, knowing that my wish had been granted (even if in a slightly modified version of the original dream.)

Having never worked for anyone else other than myself (apart from a casual job whilst at school and for a couple of months before buying into the recruitment company), I doubt that I’ll ever work for anybody else again.

But never say never right? And if I decided to work for another company I’d make sure it was one that really respected women and gave them exactly the same opportunities as men; I’d make sure it was one that nurtured a fair, flexible, politics-free culture; and I’d make sure it was a business that truly made a difference to society, to our environment and to a sustainable future.

What about you? Who’s your dream employer? Have your say at – you’ll receive a $30 RedBalloon voucher just for participating.


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  1. Husam

    i studied a book at Uni called OB ( organizational behavior) says every company in the world has a spirit, has a capture
    They bring to us the explain of masculine countries and feminine countries
    That was the first time I realized that USA, UK, Spain, south America and other countries are masculine even though girls dress what they like,
    And there are countries in the middle
    And there are Scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland and sweeten
    Truly, the real difference comes from mother and father when they treat their kids and my view on the point is the mother. The mother would accept the boy mistake and so be harsh on the girl if she do the same mistake , as excepting the girl be to responsible and a mother one day.kid, the mother would accept the kid to be aggressive, dirty and later to be playboy
    And this consider as advantage to break as much girls hearts
    And for the girl if is she do the same act she is not a good girl
    I would say the problem in the society is the women that accept they are the weak point
    I believe in equal, and treated equally
    Will do it forever

  2. David Bakunowicz

    Hi Emma,

    I recently finished reading “The Google Story” by David Vise. I’d have to say Google would be my ideal employer. Let me give you 3 reasons:

    1) 20% time. Google allows their employees to spend 1/5th of their time on their own projects and- if the resulting idea is viable- it stand to be financed. It’s a creativity powerhouse. I love it!

    2) Culture of debate. Both Sergey Brin and Larry Page are known to engage in debate. Whether it’s new ideas or a political view, they are up for it. I think this fosters a culture of helpful questioning = employee empowerment. Apologies for the cliché :)

    3) Customer focus and product integrity. Okay, I cheated. That was two. They do, however go hand in hand.

    Ironically, my ideal employee would be one willing to give me profit share/equity. Ahh the calamity!


  3. Emma

    Hi Dave,

    Your reasons are awesome. To give you another, their office space in Pyrmont is out of this world. We’re featuring their workplace in the next issue of Latte (the Business Chicks magazine.)

    They also have a personal chef on staff and employees receive free brekky, lunch and dinner. Add harbour views, innovative meeting spaces, charity donations if you ride your bike to work and you have a very compelling employee proposition!

    I feel an approach to them on the cards for you. Get cracking on your CV and cover letter :) I’m sure they won’t entertain the idea of profit share/equity but hey – free eggs every morning!!!!