Who's getting the best of you?

29.06.10 | Posted in General

I wrote this blog some time ago for SmartCompany and just came across it again. Given that I’m feeling tired and not totally myself at the moment, I found it interesting to read it again and hope you do too!

Happy woman

Over the weekend I was working away and my husband had the TV on in the background. The lyrics of one of the bands caught my attention. The lead singer was singing, in a very throaty voice, “Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?” I raised my head and thought about that for a second. I wonder who’s getting the best of me?

Is it my people? I’d like to think they mostly get the best of me, but there are moments when I’m not being the best leader I could be, or not bringing their best out in them.

Is it the members of the Business Chicks community and my customers? I certainly put a lot of effort into being the best I can be with them, and nine times out of ten I deliver on this.

Is it with my family? They certainly don’t get the best of me. I give them a little bit of time every week, but they don’t get the best of me.

Is it my husband? My daughter? I really do put a lot of effort into ensuring they get the best of me.

We all know that it’s not possible to always be our absolute best. What I’m interested in though is where we choose to be our best. If your people are the most important thing, then you’re going to be ‘on’ at all times – 100% present, committed, interested….If customers are the most important thing for you, then your best side will be revealed to them.

Ask yourself the same question. Who’s getting the best of you right now? Who could be getting better? If you’re not being your best in your business, then find people who are going to be.


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  1. Julie Aquilina

    Very interesting question………we all try to give our best to everyone…….but do we really? Its physically, mentally and emotionally impossible to 100% of your best to everyone……I know I try to give 100% to my daughter and my work/business, but other family, friends etc are not really getting the best of me.

    Its definately a balancing act…….

  2. Jo - living savvy


    Lovely to meet you on Friday at the Brisbane breakfast and connect the face with the woman behind the blog & chief chick

    Anyway between my energetic young family, a flourishing Living Savvy program, and a challenging PhD research project, I don’t get the chance to immerse myself in a book as often as I would like. But I can watch TV and tune into the radio and listen to the stories told through the lyrics – maybe not considered too sophisticated or intellectual but definitely practical! I listen while I’m driving, and watch while I’m working out. Through these stories I connect with myself and have the opportunity to examine my own feelings, judgements and perceptions. Every story holds some kind of lesson.

    I love that you were inspired by the foo fighters to reflect and ponder – inspiration can come from anywhere!