Where are your insights?

05.01.10 | Posted in General

I love a good a-ha! You know the one. The light bulb moment. The “oh yeah, I hadn’t thought about that” idea. They often come up when you’re least expecting them.

Just before Christmas I was talking with one of my team at the fridge (damn all those festive treats lurking in there) and the conversation soon turned to a problem we’d been meaning to meet about. Ten minutes worth of debating over a star-shaped shortbread, and both our light bulbs had been switched on. A swift calculation revealed that we’ll save over $30,000 this year from that one solution we masterminded. A pretty good return on time invested in anyone’s terms.

Insights come up when you’re not necessarily going looking for them. My husband says that he gets massive insights between waves when he’s out surfing. My friend Dale reckons they appear when he’s on the massage table and he allows his thoughts to wander.

For me, insights show up when I meet with my business coach – her expertise in drawing out my deep-seated thoughts always does the trick. They also come up when I allow myself to just sit and think; and when I meet with someone smarter or more experienced than me. They also arrive when I have random, unstructured chats like the said fridge one.

How about you? When do you get your biggest insights?


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