What's your likeability factor?

12.08.11 | Posted in Entrepreneurship General

We had such a great morning at the Sydney Business Chicks breakfast today. The guest speaker was Hayley Lewis and she was brilliant. She was so well received by the crowd, and you know why? Her likeability factor is off the scales.

Hayley for Winter 2011

After the event I had two separate people come up to me and say “She was better than Olivia Newton-John and Richard Branson” (both past, and much loved, Business Chicks speakers.) That’s a pretty big endorsement.

So what makes Hayley so likeable and how can you learn from her?

1) She laughs at herself. A lot. During the course of the morning she laughed at how her press shots really look nothing like her and said that she wished she had two hours in hair and makeup every morning so she could look like the picture on the left all the time. She told stories of people not recognising her in the supermarket (seemingly because she looks far more glam on TV) and laughed at herself as she recounted her business failures.

2) She is humble. There is no doubt that Hayley Lewis is an over-achiever. We saw that with her swimming and how hard she trained to be the best in the world. And just last weekend she ran a marathon. She’s done great things in business, but she’s humble and tells the stories of these achievements with self-deprecation and pragmatism.

3) She’s interested in you and remembers personal things. I watched Hayley talking with people after the event as they were buying her book, and she was genuinely interested in them and what they had to say. And when I walked in this morning she remembered both my daughter’s names.

4) She’s funny. Hayley has one of the driest senses of humour that I’ve ever come across. She can make you giggle, and everyone likes people that can make you laugh.

5) She admits failure. Too often people give you the ‘press release’ of their life and tell you it’s all good. Hayley admits she’s failed at plenty of stuff.

Thanks for being with us Hayley. You’ve got over 500 new fans as a result of this morning and we’re right behind you as you continue to grow your business and find even more peace in your life.


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  1. Joey

    Hey Em, I missed this morning but a number of people I know went and just loved it. The words ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’ came up a number of times – fabulous to read your blog and get some more insight.

  2. Emma

    Thanks Joey, she was that and more. Just a real gem that we can all learn from.
    Thanks for your comment. We’ll see you at the next brekky with Deborra-Lee Furness!

  3. Leanne

    you have summed it up so well. Hayley was so genuine and I loved that she had us all laughing but also spell-bound with her talk. A great Business Chicks breakfast.

  4. Emma

    Thanks Leanne for your comment. Really appreciate you coming along on Friday too – you’re an awesome Business Chicks member and it’s great having you as such an active participant in the community. See you really soon (and make sure you come say hi at the Deborra-lee Furness event in November!) Emma