Want to get ahead? Connect with old friends…

17.02.10 | Posted in General

I’m just off the phone from a very dear friend of mine who I’ve known for years. He’s seen me grow and change through many iterations and versions of myself, watched me buy and sell businesses, watched me get married and have a bub. But all from afar.  He’s busy, I’m busy, usual story.

It was so great just then to reconnect with him.

We always pick up where we left off. In five minutes I heard about his latest business journey and it looks like we can help each other out with the things we’re doing. We’re now booked in for a catch up in a few weeks and I’ve no doubt there’s some magic that will happen there.

A similar thing happened to me a few weeks back.

A girl who I knew from childhood (she lived across the street) contacted me and asked for my help with a few of her business ideas. I loved chatting with her and playing witness to her enthusiasm and determination. As an added bonus to meeting up with her again, she came along to her first Business Chicks event last week and is now hooked.

One of my favourite people from high school recently read one of my blog posts and got in touch with me. I absolutely adored this girl at school – we giggled our way through maths classes and always had a ball together. When she reconnected, I was able to help her a little with something she’s going through, and in return she is helping us (massively!!!!) with one of the areas we’re working on at Business Chicks.

Old friends are happy to open doors which may look a little more firmly closed, and bring so much fun and meaning to business – go on, reach out to one now!!


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