Two social media faux paux's to avoid

04.08.10 | Posted in General

I’m not for a second putting myself up as a social media expert. I blog, tweet occasionally, and check my Facebook regularly but I’m no pro. What I do know however, is that the same rules apply in social media as apply in real life, where you’re looking to build relationships and expand your networks.

Here are two mistakes I see made all the time.

1) Not personally introducing yourself

I get requests from Facebook and LinkedIn from people I’ve never heard of. They make no effort to introduce themself, or say why they’re wanting to connect. If you’re contacting someone you don’t yet know, be sure to write a short, personal note saying how you’ve heard of this person, and why you want to connect. It just gives some context. Imagine walking up to someone at an event and thrusting your card into their hand without any explanation. They’d be like “Um, what? Huh? Who are you? Why are you talking to me?”

2) Selling to a group without researching the needs of that group

I’m part of a few online forums and groups. I often see people coming in to those groups and spamming their services without first getting to know the group and their needs. Again, it’s like walking up to a group of people at an event and shouting about what you do, without investing the time to build a relationship first.

The same rules apply online as they do offline. Always give context, and always be respectful.

Have you witnessed any other mistakes people make in social media?


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  1. Lara Solomon

    To true Em, I see this happening ALL the time.

    I won’t connect with random people I don’t know, it’s kind of strange. I had one guy yesterday say we were friends on LinkedIn, and I then spent the whole day trying to work out if I actually know him! Decided no!