‘Tis the season to get this right!

16.12.13 | Posted in General

Greeting cards

The end of the year is my favourite time of all. It’s a chance for me to show my friends, clients, colleagues and team what they mean to me, and tell them how grateful I am to have them in my life. Not everyone can afford to send out extravagant gifts, nor are they always appropriate, but a handwritten card with a heartfelt message goes a long way.

I’m lucky to receive loads of cards each Christmas (perhaps that’s because I send out hundreds and hundreds!) and have seen the good and the bad. If you’ve still got a few more cards to pen this year, then have a glance at the below to see how you’re faring so far.


* Allow time to write them. One of our emcees at Business Chicks was astounded when she received a card from me, asking how I ever found the time to write it. Here’s the trick. Start in November. Just do five a day. Pile them up and by the time December rolls around, you’ll have a solid headstart.

* Work to understand your recipient and their background. If they don’t celebrate Christmas, then wish them happy holidays or something similar. And if you’re not sure of their background, then assume they’re not religious and don’t even refer to it – just wish them all the best for the year ahead.

* Take time to write a heartfelt, personalised message. Actually take a moment to think about that person and what they mean to you, and then tell them! It doesn’t need to be an essay, but just focus on them for a minute and be open and authentic in what you choose to say.

* Make it easy for yourself. I have a list that I work through each year (that’s saved from the year before) and I just keep adding to it. My assistant helps with the postage part (the labels and stamps etc) which saves heaps of time (thanks Britt!) but the rest is up to me.

* Find ways to make it fun. Buy new pens; set little goals for how many you’ll do each day; give yourself a reward when a pile leaves the office …


* Type your card. Nothing says ‘I have made no effort here’ than a generic printed card.

* Just write ‘Dear xxx’ and nothing more. Again, this shows you’ve gone to no trouble at all. Always add some little message, otherwise I’m going to assume I’m just one in a long line of people that means nothing at all to you.

* Get someone else to write them for you. That’s just not real.

Christmas cards are not just a task you need to get through. It’s a time to be grateful and show you care, and it’s a time to make others feel special and appreciated. Enjoy!



  1. Sue-Ellen Watts

    I love this Emma and I loved receiving your pink, sparkly xmas card this year with a beautiful personalised message.
    I have put a note in my calendar in November 2014 to start preparing my cards of thanks!

  2. Emma

    You’re a master of this Bec and it’s great to be together in the business of caring!