This is me asking for help

08.01.14 | Posted in Entrepreneurship



I’m so much more comfortable helping others than I am asking for help. I think it takes true courage to ask for what you need, trusting that whatever comes back will be just perfect.

A couple of years ago I met, and was instantly enamoured with, the CEO of a group called The Hunger Project Australia. The CEO’s name is Cathy Burke and after a few conversations with Cathy, we conspired a program that’s taken on a life of its own and had a tremendous impact on too many people to count. We called the project The Business Chicks Leadership and Immersion Program and we open it to 20 of our members each time we run it. So far we’ve sent groups to Bangladesh, Uganda (twice) and now India.

I loved my Uganda experience and am heading to India next weekend to sit in the dirt in rural villages with the extraordinary local women who have much more courage than you and me. Women who risk death and rape and ridicule and exclusion to change the way their world works, and create a different future for their children. We have much to learn from them, and I hope to return with a heightened sense of awareness and possibility and restlessness and gratitude, which is what the program in Uganda gave me.

For me, the most extraordinary part of this journey is not necessarily the trip itself (although the magnitude of discovery and learning is beyond anything I’ve experienced before) but it’s the participants (we call them Trippers) trying to move through their fear and self-doubt to even make it to the trip. We ask the Trippers to raise (or personally invest) $10,000 each, and that’s where the learning begins. I’d be loaded if I had a dollar for every conversation in the past few years I’ve had with various Trippers who call saying “I thought I could do this but turns out I can’t.” They raise a bit of money then get a few knockbacks, then their partner starts to get cold feet, then some other priority takes over – they might lose their job or someone falls ill – and before you know it they’ve given up, declaring it all too hard.

The greatest joy for me is to see the people who reach the ‘all too hard’ stage and by some grace of God, push through that and move into the next phase which is dogged determination and a one-eyed focus that carries them on to the $10,000 goal and beyond. Well done girls – you know who you are, and to those who didn’t quite get there – come back next time and try again. It’s within you I promise.

The irony right now is that I find myself there. I’m leaving for the trip next week, having set a goal to raise $25,000 and so far I’m at just over $9,000. No excuses and no resentment – I just haven’t done it. Yet.

So here’s me asking for your help. If you believe that:

* Abject poverty is unfair and can be solved in our lifetime

* We live a mighty life and are endlessly fortunate

* And that one person can take a step toward change then please click here now and reach into your pocket and into your heart and give a little. Or a lot.

Thanks. Love you guys.



  1. Emma

    I can’t quite fathom we’re going yet. So blessed. So lucky. Feel so unworthy in so many ways but still so blessed. And amazed to be doing it with you again! Bring on the dirt!

  2. Tina Tower

    Wish I was going with you again! Amazing experience, totally changed my life and perspectives forever. Especially getting to know you wonderful Em at the same time! Have fun Bec & Em, can’t wait to read about it and see you smash the fundraising goals xx

  3. Emma

    Hey birthday girl! We’ll miss you on this trip – you added so much to the Uganda group but will be with us in spirit! xxxx

  4. Carolyn

    Hi Emma Congrats on raising the funds for such a wonderful organisation! Enjoy the India trip. Also just watched your birth video, truly inspirational. Have a great trip. Cheers Carolyn

  5. Emma

    Thanks Carolyn – appreciate you taking the time to learn more about The Hunger Project and the work we do with them at Business Chicks and also for opening your heart to watch the birth vid. Have a great 2014!