Thank you, thank you, thank you

02.03.10 | Posted in General

I have a habit that I do religiously first thing every day. It’s give thanks.

Thank you imageIt goes like this.  I wake up and make my first thought something that I’m grateful for.  So this morning I said ‘I’m grateful that I’m going to Adelaide today; I’m grateful that it’s Wednesday; I’m grateful that I had such a good sleep, I’m grateful that I get to see my daughter in a minute when she wakes up and I’m grateful that she’s such an amazing little creature. I’m grateful for my husband, and for my business, for my family and for my team.’

Tomorrow’s thoughts will be entirely different, and my thanks will be for something else but it’s the one thing I do the minute I wake up every day.

What are you grateful for?


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  1. Mareka

    I love this and I am going to try the first thing in the morning idea! I think taking time to specifically be grateful for things in my life (big and small) has made a huge difference to my sense of well-being over time!

    Right now I am particularly grateful for the rain outside, for my partner who got up and made me fresh coffee and for a life full of so many blessings that that sometimes I wonder if its actually real! Also grateful for hope :-).

  2. Pip Forsyth

    I am thankful for such a wonderful idea. I will implement it right now…. well tomorrow morning at least.

    I am thankful (for today) that my daughters are health and happy, I am thankful that my guy continues to support the three of us body, mind and soul. I am thankful for reasonably good health.

    xo p

  3. livingsavvy

    Got to be honest I struggle to do this every day & especially first thing in the morning. I do my best to catch myself though if after too little sleep the kids come bouncing in I quickly banish the thought of arghh to one that says I give thanks to having children who can bounce, laugh and want to give Mummy kisses first thing in the morning (regardless of the time). I have a “ritual” at the end of the week – I call this champagne Friday a weekly tradition where I pop the cork on the week that was, celebrate what worked, reflect on what didn’t, and look forward to a sparkling new week of possibility.