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  1. A case of the "I can’ts"




    We had such a fab morning on Friday in Brisbane at the Business Chicks brekky. Professor Fiona Wood was the speaker, and as always, she was exceptional. And… I was feeling great as it was the first night I’d spent away from my baby (now 13 weeks) and I got six straight hours of sleep – bliss! (more…)

  2. Just say yes!



    This morning I arrived at the gym after having slept for only four hours. My bub thought it necessary to wake four times through the night meaning I was dreading my personal training session, which I usually love.

    So I arrive at the studio, bleary eyed and unenthused and my trainer says “shall we go for a run?” There was that split second when the thought “Oh no, I hate running and I am so tired” flashed through my mind, but before I knew it I’d said “Yes!”. Couldn’t go back on that one. (more…)