Strategic planning: your business at a bird’s eye view

08.12.11 | Posted in Entrepreneurship



There’s nothing much more powerful than stepping out of your business and looking at it objectively from afar. What’s working? What’s not? Where are the priorities? What have you achieved?

At Business Chicks, we love getting out of our business and, you know, working on it and not in it. And that’s exactly what my team and I did yesterday. It was a day of sharing, debating, and reporting on the highlights of 2011 as well as presenting our strategic plans for next year.

Last year we achieved a 69% increase in sales and a whopping 157% net profit growth. If we can maintain the pace we reckon we can achieve similar numbers next year, but it’s going to take some doing.

I was so proud of my leadership team yesterday. Amber, our general manager, presented the operational strategy including her plans for HR – next year in the first two quarters we’ll be recruiting a marketing manager, a community manager, a PR exec and an events manager. She also announced a number of employee engagement and development initiatives which the team loved hearing about.

Liv, our director of brand and partnerships, along with her team, presented the strategy for the corporate relationships we enjoy at Business Chicks and how we’re going to work even harder for them next year. Building the businesses of those who support us is a key passion for Liv and her people.

Soph who heads up digital marketing for Business Chicks had us going cross eyed at all the stats and data she’d prepared, but managed to maintain even my attention as she and her team shared what they’re working toward next year.

So we’ve got our plan. Do you have yours?

Oh, and here are a few tips to make your offsites count.


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