Stepping back to drive a business forward

24.04.14 | Posted in Entrepreneurship General

Like all women, I wear a lot of different hats (figuratively speaking – although I’m quite partial to a fedora). Partner, mother, friend, CEO of Business Chicks…

 When I first bought Business Chicks eight years ago, I did everything. I was working in my recruitment business in the day and at night I’d sit on the floor of my office and process event ticket sales through the EFTPOS machine; respond to member enquiries; negotiate with sponsors; find items for our gift bags and book guest speakers.

We’ve come a long way since those days, but one thing hasn’t changed. I started this business (as I have all my past businesses) with the intent to make myself redundant as quickly as I could. 

As the business continues to grow exponentially (we have four new additions to the team just this month), I’m moving another step closer to being out of a job.  Being out of a job doesn’t mean I do nothing – it’s the contrary in fact. It means I free myself up to concentrate on the big picture, and that’s where the growth comes from.

Anything that brings growth also brings challenges and I want to leave you with a couple of lessons I’ve learned along the way:

–       The right leadership team is critical

–       Having engaged, passionate people who can be the brand when you’re not around is everything

–       Relinquishing control is a necessary skill, and being ok with the fact that no one’s going to handle situations and problems like you do is also vital

–       Ensuring everyone involved shares the brand’s vision

–       Investing in resources (people, systems etc) will bring you closer to your goals, even though cash might be tight at times.

–       Patience is key. Know that it won’t happen overnight – building a business that doesn’t rely on you is a long process requiring a fair amount of losing your ego and letting go.


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  1. vanessa callum

    So inspiring. Just what I needed to read as well. Patience is key. You always successfully help me pick up my game Emma! Many Thanks as always x

  2. Mish

    The patience part is a very good reminder. When I am feeling frustrated about the length of time it is taking me to get my business to run without me, I am reminded by the saying…
    “it takes 10 years to be an over night success!”
    Love your work, Emma <3

  3. Christina Tantsis

    Thank you for sharing and for your inspiration. I love hearing about the lessons learnt as it helps me make that one little decision to take the next step a little less unknown… I thank you again.