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31.03.10 | Posted in Networking

I get A LOT of mail. The typical stuff – bills, people pitching ideas, companies trying to sell me something and generally more bills.It was so lovely to open my mail today to receive a beautiful handwritten card from a friend of mine. It’s even more special because I know how busy he is – he’s the CEO of a successful software business and is getting married next week so his plate is kind of full.

iStock_000001126742XSmallI’ve always been a massive fan of handwriting little notes of thanks or sending small gifts when I can but it’s a rare day when I receive them.

When I got married I wrote a note to every single guest at our wedding – yeah it took ages, but it was so worth it to see people crying or laughing when they read their card.

I’ve built my businesses on personal relationships, and I know it’s the little things that count. I can tell you that my friend Morrie likes chocolate crackles; Andy likes Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc; Jen is lactose intolerant and drinks soy lattes; and I can tell you that everyone likes to receive a personalised heartfelt note or card from time to time.

Try it with your clients or team members or new friends you’ve just met – it’s a really nice discipline to adopt, and it’ll help spread a little joy in the world.


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  1. Amanda Griscti

    Agree totally – isn’t it nice to receive snail mail? It is so rare. I believe people should do it in all aspects of their life – personal and work.

    I am planning on getting a few out this weekend!

  2. Cherry Prior

    We get so busy, don’t we, doing all the big things that those little five minute jobs – that mean so much to someone – get overlooked. Maybe the Easter break is a good time to pen a few thankyous. So thankyou, for the idea!

  3. Jo - living savvy

    I write & send thank you cards after we have been to friends for dinner or something special. I also send thank you cards after the receipt of a birthday present on behalf of the children. However now they are getting older (6 & 4.5), I have them make a phone call and say thank you. When I was managing a team rarely did one of us go and get a cup of tea without checking if others in the office also wanted one (there was only 6 of us, so this was easy to do) and we knew how we all liked our tea and coffee made. We celebrated our birthdays and after one celebration the birthday girl came & said a special thank you for celebrating with strawberries & champagne not the usual chocolate cake as she was “watching what she was eating”…she said that it made the celebration even more joyful as we truly made it about her!

  4. Taryn Peck

    You have touched on something very close to my heart! I adore the thoughtfulness of a handwritten note – as it is something that you can keep and treasure, and it leaves a special imprint on your day – both to give and receive.

    It’s so important to me, that I have actually just started a new business, Ellis Benson ( which provides beautiful, affordable, personalised stationery – created just for you.

    We believe in living a beautiful life, filled with moments to treasure – and making sure that we celebrate, acknowledge and share all of life’s moments – from the everyday to the big events.

    I found that this was particularly important at work. I have always been more touched when a boss or colleague has taken the time to hand write me a note, rather than an email or a chat in the hallway.

    So please continue to share the passion of a handwritten note, as you will certainly make someone’s day.