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06.09.12 | Posted in General

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Perth for a Business Chicks networking night. When I landed, I absentmindedly tweeted that the inflight ice-creams had been the highlight of the trip. A friend of mine replied asking who I flew with and I told her it was @QantasAirways.

QantasI thought nothing more of it until a couple of days later when a delivery arrived for me at the office – a large box adorned with Qantas ribbon. I eagerly unwrapped the gift to find 12 of the same ice creams I had tweeted about – heaven! Score for Qantas (of course I was going to tell a lot of people about it) and score for me (not so much my waistline, but hey, ice cream wins over waistline any day in my world.)

I loved this as one of our core values at Business Chicks is ‘Surprise and Delight’. My team and I are constantly looking for ways that we can surprise and delight our members, and social media is an awesome way to achieve this.

I try and follow as many of our members as I can keep up with on Twitter, and one day I noticed that one of our members Tori Gorman was soon to attempt an English Channel crossing. I immediately thought of a good mate of mine John Maclean who had documented his Channel attempt and subsequent crossing in a book. I wrapped up the book, wrote a note to Tori encouraging her, sent it to her office, and got our content team to write an article about her on the Business Chicks site. I know Tori appreciated the gesture and the support she felt from the Business Chicks community as a result of me noticing her efforts, and most importantly, acting on them.

Have you made a social media win or been the recipient of a score (like my ice cream loot?). Had a complaint handled well? Built a relationship through Twitter or another platform?


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  1. Madeleine Long

    Hi Emma,

    I’m so glad they are still ‘surprising and delighting’ QANTAS passengers. I flew with QANTAS as a flight attendant in my younger years and it was my favourite part of the job, by far. I have since always loved thinking of ways of making people’s day through workplace initiatives and I’m so glad Business Chicks has taken this on too!

    Keep making people smile BC!