Quick update about women on boards debate

05.07.10 | Posted in General

I’m sure a few of you were heartened to hear of the progress that’s been made over the past few months in relation to women on boards in Australia. In particular, there’s been some solid activity and developments in the last few weeks that I thought I’d share here.

Lonely women in boardroom

Just last week, the Australian Stock Exchange released its final guidelines relating to diversity. From January next year, all listed Australian companies will have to make public the proportion of women sitting on their boards, in senior management roles, and across the whole company. Yippee – transparency and accountability.

The wonderful thing about shining a light on an issue means that things shift and action gets taken. Because of the recent media attention to the women on boards debate, there’s been a noticeable increase in female board participation over the past few months. The Australian Institute of Company Directors recently released figures showing that 24 per cent of all new ASX board appointments this year have been female (in comparison to just five per cent over the same period in 2009.)

This means, that as at now, 9.2 per cent of board roles are held by women. This is up from 8.3 per cent at the start of 2010. It’s small, but it’s something!


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