Pragmatic, not dramatic

13.03.10 | Posted in General

We have a saying around the Business Chicks office. It’s so embedded into our culture that it’s even written into all our job descriptions. We call it ‘pragmatic, not dramatic’.

It basically means when faced with a challenge (or a mini-panic) that you handle yourself with ease and grace, and don’t fly off the handle.

Last week we had two Business Chicks events to hold in Adelaide and Perth. The day before we were due to be in Adelaide, our guest speaker (who was scheduled to speak at both events) called to let us know she’d have to fly back to Tanzania immediately due to a death in the family.

Of course we understood her situation and would have done exactly the same thing. However we still had a responsibility to all the Business Chicks who were booked in for those events – we had to deliver them value and find a solution. And fast.

Being the pragmatic bunch we are, we huddled around and very calmly started a conversation that started unemotionally with – “OK, so what’s the best solution here?”

One of our newest team members was looking on, and I could tell from her face (she’d gone white and very quiet) that even though she was silent, she was worried. When I talked about the situation with her afterwards she said “I just couldn’t believe how calm and professional you all were about it! I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, but you girls were all just so chilled!”

It’s a nice discipline to master, and makes for such a great culture when you can remove the stress and supercharged emotion, focus on the solution and just do the best you can.


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  1. living savvy

    A clear statement like that is important for giving focus and clarity at times when the world is tilting. I appreciate the simplicity of the statement – pragmatic not dramatic!