Only do what's important

16.11.10 | Posted in Entrepreneurship

Last week I spent some time with the gorgeous Natalie Bloom of Bloom Cosmetics. We talked about so many things from her career and her business through to her role as a mother and a wife.

Natalie Bloom

I asked her what the best piece of advice she’d be given was and she had no hesitation in recalling something that one of her mentors had once told her. This mentor said: “Nat, only do what’s important.” Natalie says this has stuck with her for her entire career, and has really helped her be able to learn how to delegate, and how to avoid doing everything herself.

We all know intellectually that we can’t do it all, and for our businesses to grow, we must give up control and release the perfectionist beast. But it can be harder to do in practise.

Have a think about all the things you do on a day to day basis. Are there some activities you could give up, and replace with tasks that are really important? Imagine if we all just focused on doing the stuff that’s important. The stuff that if done well, and cultivated into a habit, could propel our businesses and careers forward.

Good luck with just doing what’s important. I’m sure the rest can take care of itself.


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  1. Danica Erard Millinery

    Wow this is so very true , of your blog with Natalie Bloom , I do hope I can follow this valuable advice and run my business to success as she has done .

    I recently held a Ladies Luncheon Fundraiser , and ”Bloom Cosmetics ” came on board to help fill my gift bags !! They are a true inspiration !!

    Warm regards ,
    Danica Erard …. Happy Blogging xx

  2. Bronwyn Coulthart

    Hi Emma,

    Excellent post! I am all for delegation but what would you and Natalie suggest for those entrepreneurs who are starting out and have to do everything themselves? That is with the current economic climate they are single operators who don’t have staff and don’t have the resources to outsource tasks.

    B xox

  3. Elena

    Prioritize is the only option, I agree. But it is so difficult for a small start up, when almost all the hats I should wear myself.