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03.03.14 | Posted in People I Love

We’re well and truly back into the swing of events for the year at Business Chicks, and last Friday morning in Sydney we hosted special guest speaker, Zoë Foster Blake.

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Zoë’s hilarious. And she’s also supremely talented having held some of Australia’s most wanted jobs, such homepage as beauty director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR magazines. Zoë is now a regular columnist for Sunday Style and Cosmopolitan and has her own beauty blog, Zoë has also authored six books and will launch her highly anticipated ‘Go-To skin care’ range next month.

Zoë wears many hats, so the conversation with our emcee Sandra Sully covered topics as broad as her famous cat Meowbert through to her pregnancy (she’s due with her first baby in May). Here are some highlights.

On current media trends:

“I still feel that print media is the grand dame of publishing.”

Zoë said that there’s still something special about having your words in print, and loves the buzz of the final approval before an article, or one of her books, goes to print saying “there’s no editing that.”

“Niche is the key when there’s so much noise in the market.”

With so many bloggers these days, Zoë says that you need to specialise – “you’re better to have a blog only about chocolate cake than to have just another food blog.”

“For me, Facebook is another digital mouth to feed, and I already have so many.”

Zoë advises to pick the social media channels that work for you, and do them well, and says it’s not always necessary to have them all.

On relationships:

“There’s something to be said for being able to walk around with fake tan, a face mask, and eat porridge for dinner.”

Zoë reminisced about the days that she lived in a different state to her husband, Hamish Blake (one half of the Hamish & Andy comedy duo). Her parents also live apart which has helped their marriage immensely.

On business:

“Maybe I’m bluffing, but if I keep moving forward I think it will work out.”

Like with most things in Zoë’s life, she’s optimistic and upbeat about her latest venture, a skin care business called Go-to.

“Like in life, humour is crucial in business.”

When it was time to launch her new skin care range, Zoë skipped the showering of free products that usually accompany press kits. She knows the magazine industry inside out, so instead she sent $5 notes and a cheeky note saying ‘You get enough presents. Go and get a coffee.’

“That’s what I’ve learnt about teams. If you have the right people, it can be a wonderful ride.”

“I think the lesson eventually will be ‘let go’, but I’m not ready for that yet.”

On fear of being successful:

“For Australians, there’s a comfort in staying mediocre.”

On life:

“It’s hard to find true wealth from just a salary.”

“Treat everyone the best you can, you never know where they might pop up.”



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