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14.09.10 | Posted in General

I have a big handwritten sign above my desk in my office. In black letters it says ‘Speakers we will attract to Business Chicks.’ It’s probably no surprise to you that Sir Richard Branson is on that list. Me and my mate

Yesterday Richard came and joined us for the Business Chicks brekky in Sydney. It was the best day of my career. It wasn’t necessarily all because of Branson, although of course it was a thrill to spend time with one of my all time fave entrepreneurs and role models and to be able to give that opportunity to so many people.

It was just magic to see all those amazing members and guests from the Business Chicks community coming together to celebrate and to enjoy each other’s company.

There were more than 1600 people in the room and the energy and vibe was electric. It resembled a big party more than a corporate function (which has always been our intention – business should be fun peeps!)

Richard Branson and Natarsha Belling

The event was emcee’d by Channel Ten’s Natarsha Belling and as always, she did a fine job. Natarsha has been our emcee for the past seven years and it feels like she’s on staff with us at times!

We raised funds for Virgin Unite, auctioning off a Kia car and giving away other incredible prizes like a trip to Hong Kong and a stay at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat; beautiful Kailis jewellery; a Mimco handbag; a Nespresso coffee machine; a Herringbone suit – the list goes on!

It’s our goal to have 250,000 members in the Business Chicks community by 2015, and yesterday felt like we took a large leap forward toward that vision.

Thanks so much to everyone for making yesterday possible and a huge thank you to the Business Chicks sponsors NAB and Telstra, and to our Major Event Partners PricewaterhouseCoopers, NRMA, HP, CCORP and Kailis.

You know the other person high up on that list on my wall? Oprah Winfrey. Help us bring her to Business Chicks in December – click on this link and sign our petition

I’ll let you know if this manifesting works just as well as it did for yesterday’s event!


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  1. Sharon Palmer

    Hi Emma,

    I was at the breakfast on Monday and felt the electric vibe also. Well done to the team. I can’t see how your vision wont come true. Bring on Oprah……

  2. Faye Hollands

    HUGE Congratulations Emma – that’s a fabulous achievement and I have no doubt you’ll continue on to smash your future goals. Keep up the great work, you’re an inspiration :-)

  3. pbx

    geez well done on meeting Branson… he is truly an inspiration to me and many others. Contrats