Make your offsites count

08.12.11 | Posted in Entrepreneurship



I’ve always been a big fan of taking my teams offsite to do strategic planning. When I had my first company – a recruitment business – I took them to the Whitsundays, Noumea, New Zealand and skiing at Mount Hotham to do our planning. The team came to look forward to these offsites and relished the idea of getting together to map out the activities and plans for the year ahead.

Here are some ways you can make your planning/offsite days more successful:

* Just make the time for it. We’re all busy and sometimes can get lost in the doing, but just taking a day out from your business (we do it quarterly) gets you refocused and realigned.

* Choose a cool spot for the day: this must be out of the office and preferably somewhere unusual. Yesterday the Business Chicks team got together in a private room at a chocolatier. Not New Caledonia, but still a treat!

* Get everyone involved. We appointed a scribe, a person to record all actions, a timekeeper – it should be a team effort.


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  1. Jamie

    i cannot agree with you more about “getting lost in the doing”. often i found that i get my inspirations and creativity during the holidays :) Emma, i want to congratulate you for being a leader who inspires your team to learn more, do more, create more and “smile” more!!

  2. Leanne

    Yes, we’re having an off-site strategic planning session for 4 days in Port Macquarie – just before Christmas (taking husband and kids with me!).

    But it really will be a time for me to review, plan and lock in some ideas that have been brewing and do some of the brainstorming before some ‘expert’ sessions I have set up/setting up for January 2012.