Just say yes!

01.12.09 | Posted in What I'm Loving


This morning I arrived at the gym after having slept for only four hours. My bub thought it necessary to wake four times through the night meaning I was dreading my personal training session, which I usually love.

So I arrive at the studio, bleary eyed and unenthused and my trainer says “shall we go for a run?” There was that split second when the thought “Oh no, I hate running and I am so tired” flashed through my mind, but before I knew it I’d said “Yes!”. Couldn’t go back on that one.

It got me thinking about other areas of our lives where it might do us good just to say yes.

Perhaps your manager at work offers to take you for a drink after work but you don’t really get on that well with her – just say yes. You never know what you might learn or how your relationship will be improved. One of my team members recently got asked to go cycling with some people she didn’t know and her gut said “I don’t cycle, what if I’m not fit enough, I don’t know these people” but before she could voice all of this she’d verbalised a “yes” and it was all on. Of course she ended up loving the experience just as I loved my run this morning.

So do it! Just say yes. Don’t think too much and just try new things from time to time or do the things that you’re not too keen on – sometimes these experiences prove much more fun.

What have you said yes to that you may not have normally?


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  1. Kathryn Dent

    So true. I have heard before “say yes unless there’s a bloody good reason to say no”. Easier said than done but so worth trying.

  2. Janine

    Never a truer word said – how many times have you RSVPd yes, not wanted to go and then had an amazing evening….how many times have you dreaded that work training day and then got amazing things out of it….how many times have you met a random person for coffee and then found a connection – the choices are given to us and its up to us to chose to follow the path or not…just say YES