Jamie’s Food Revolution

01.04.15 | Posted in People I Love

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Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Jamie Oliver on the Business Chicks stage in Sydney where he spoke to over 900 of our members and guests about his daring mission, calling on governments around the world to educate all children on how to grow and cook fresh, nutritious food at school.

We couldn’t have been more honoured to present Jamie – he lengthened his Australian stay by one day just so he could make the Business Chicks appearance, such is his passion and belief that together, women can move mountains: “A room of incredibly driven, united women – you guys can smash it. You’re the ones that make a difference,” said Jamie.

Around the world 42 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese … that’s almost double the entire Australian population. And just to worsen the situation, he highlights that diet-related diseases are often overshadowed because they’re slow moving. There’s no guns-blazing shoot out, just a slow burn. But today Jamie urged us to forget about the stats. We all know the stats. He wants us to focus on the moment he’s engineering – the food revolution.

Jamie’s Food Revolution Day this year falls on 15 May. It’s about you, your families, your social networks, as well as schools, workplaces and communities all over the world coming together as one powerful and unified voice to fight for real sustainable change. And with my eldest daughter starting school this year, this issue has struck a cord very close to my heart. I want to see her educated about nutrition. I want to see the state take some responsibility for protecting our kids. It just makes sense. Jamie told us he’s yet to meet anyone (both teachers and parents included) who doesn’t agree – “if kids are on Red Bull and Gatorade, they’re really fucking hard to teach!”

I’ve signed Jamie’s petition at and would love for you to as well. Once you’ve signed it, please share with your networks encouraging them to do the same. We’d love to see at least two million Australians getting behind this campaign, and like Jamie, believe that there’s no more powerful force than that of a bunch of determined women!

Photograph by Merrin Boyer.


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