Is it working or is it not working?

13.04.10 | Posted in General

There’s a great tool I use in business and my personal life all the time. When I’m stuck with something, feeling stressed, feeling tired, or feeling confused I just stop and ask myself: “Is it working or is it not working?”

Think this lady would answer with a "It's not working...."

This question just takes all the emotion out of the situation and gets you into problem solving mode. When you’ve got to a “Nope, it’s not working for me” you’ll soon find yourself asking “ok great, what needs to be done about it?”

Think about any areas in your life right now that may be causing you some pain or angst. Your relationship? Your performance at work? Your health and fitness? Stop for a sec and ask yourself “Is it working or is it not working?” – if it’s a no, get into action and do something about it.


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  1. living savvy

    A focused and proactive approach to gaining an understanding of how we are feeling without making it complicated. Just because you are stopping something now doesn’t mean that you can’t begin again in the future. A different time often means a different outcome or expereince. I also use these questions in life & business to keep on track and make a change

    What will I keep doing?
    What will I stop doing?
    What will I do more of?