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25.06.12 | Posted in General

How ’bout a visual post for you, lovely readers, and some insights about what I’ve been getting up to?

I’m just back from New Delhi India. I went there with a bunch of entrepreneurs and Business Chicks members for the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference. The last time I was in Delhi was five years ago and so much has changed – the airport used to be a derelict shed, and now it’s a world-class facility that eases you into Indian life without the huge culture shock. Loved hanging out with the Business Chicks Australian contingent and after too many martinis with them I’ll be …

Supporting: Dry July as one of their Ambassadors this year. I’ve not yet started my fundraising but if you feel compelled, I’d love your support. The link’s here. Dry JulyWe’re also going to start a Business Chicks team so if you’re up for giving up the booze for a month and raising a few dollars for some amazing cancer centres around Australia, we’d so love your support.

Attending: I went along to the ModelCo Summer Tan launch last Tuesday morning. I love what Shelley Barrett has created in this brand, and her passion and commitment to the business. I also interviewed her for the next issue of Latte (Spring, which comes out in September) so look out for that. Enjoyed catching up with Dannii Minogue at the launch too – she’s one of ModelCo’s ambassadors.

Em and Dan at Pier Excited by: What lies ahead. I had an awesome meeting yesterday in Melbourne with a friend who I respect dearly. I was in Melbourne for a Business Chicks event with Olivia Newton-John. Fun times, and great to see the impact of the Business Chicks community growing and growing. ONJ and Em 25 June 2012

Dreading: My general manager (and bestie) Amber is heading back to New Zealand soon. She’ll leave a huge gap in the business and in my life. Amber started Business Chicks with me in a tiny front room of my apartment. We were big on dreams and short on experience. She was my bridesmaid, and I told her I was pregnant before I told my husband. Huge gap. Big boots. If you know someone game enough to fill them, please show them this. And I promised you visuals, so she’s pictured here below at my 30th birthday, just a few months after my first daughter Milla was born. I’m totally gutted. Em and Ambs

Grateful for: My amazing assistant Britt who makes my life easier and who somehow manages to get me to do things others can’t. And all with a smile on her face! I’m sure I frustrate her at times, but she copes beautifully and patiently. I’m also grateful for Sarah who introduced her to us.

‘Til next time!


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  1. Emma

    Thanks Tina! So much to look forward to with you over the next few months and congrats on all you’re doing – so proud of you and right behind you!