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20.10.11 | Posted in Entrepreneurship General

I love supporting good initiatives and I’ve found one that we can all get involved in. Today is One Dollar Day, a simple and innovative fundraising idea where Australians are asked to give just $1 to this cause.


Funds raised will go to Save The Children to help improve children’s health and education around the world.

One of the organisers, Sophie Bartho, is a Business Chicks member and said about the initiative: “As a parent of three lucky children who sleep in a warm bed, a safe home, and enjoy a great education and nourishing food, I asked why some children have so much, while so many have so very little.”

“Eight million children die every year from preventable diseases, 67 million school-aged children are not in school and charities do not have enough money to help them all.

“In a single day we could begin to turn these statistics and inequities around, improving the health and education of children in some of the world’s poorest communities. On 1$day we’re asking everyone who can, to give $1 for those who can’t, regardless if you earn $1 million as a CEO, or $2 pocket money.”

I’d love to think that every person who took the time to read this post, would jump straight on to One Dollar Day’s site and give. Imagine what good we could all do if we pool together and get donating. And you have no excuse! Every Australian can afford one dollar to help those in need.

Great work Sophie and Rob – we look forward to hearing the results!


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  1. Emma

    Awesome work Sarah! Thanks so much!! PS I’m not surprised you did it straight away – you’re just that kind of gal ;)