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02.04.12 | Posted in General

I’ve been quiet on you for a few weeks so apologies that this is the first post in a while. Thanks to all the readers who have been in touch asking me to blog again. I started this blog three years ago and remember sitting across from the web developers who gave me a speech about a blog being a ‘long term strategy’ that takes ‘a long time to build up’. They lost me both times with the word ‘long’ and I had serious reservations that I’d be able to sustain the writing. I still have those reservations but I push through and will keep sharing the insights about what it’s really like to run a fast-growing business and all the challenges that go hand in hand with that.

Everything on this blog is written by me and that’s one of the reasons I can only manage posts every so often. I’d love to be able to write more but the reality is that leading Business Chicks remains my priority and I’ve learnt to become ruthless with my time. If you’re serious about business, you’ve got to be.

It’s an exciting time to be in the Business Chicks business – we’re undergoing a rebrand; launching into Canberra; selling out our events in record time; and well and truly in production for the next issue of Latte (it’s a cracker).

Personally I’m still riding the wave of inspiration from my time at SXSW in Austin, Texas – this is a music/film/interactive festival that over 50,000 people attend each year. There are over 1,110 panels to choose from on topics as broad as content strategy; digital versus print; user experience; capital raising; finding co-founders and more. The CEO of Pinterest shared the story of their unbelievable rise to success; Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z performed and 21 Jump Street premiered there. You spend your days trying to figure out which panel to attend and the nights trying to figure out which party to go to. Am I hooked? Yep, I’ll definitely be going again next year.

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support of this blog. Until next time!

PS Here’s some other stuff I’ve been reading and learning from: The Seven Most Common Management Mistakes and an interview with T2 Founder Maryanne Shearer.


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  1. Jodie Benveniste @ Parent Wellbeing

    Em, I’ve thought a couple of times – is there a reason why this blog isn’t over on the Business Chicks site? I would have thought that musings from the Chief Chick would be great content for the BC site, adding more value for members and more interest for would-be members. You may have already considered this. But just thought I’d ask!
    Cheers, Jodie.

  2. Emma

    Ah yes. The complex eco system of content management! Great suggestion and one we’ve certainly discussed in the past. Watch this space!

  3. Sal

    Welcome back Em, I always enjoy your little updates. Well done on a HUGE achievement of acquiring Sir Bob for the Business Chicks Community.

    I am enjoying being part of the BC community up here in Brisbane with the professional networking nights!
    Take care Busy Bee.