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15.04.13 | Posted in General

Hi gorgeous readers! It’s been a long time between drinks (or blog posts) so thanks for your patience and thanks Alexx for the inspiration to punch out another blog. Alexx questioned why I’d gone all quiet here (as have a few of you, so thanks for the kick up the butt) and there’s no good reason apart from my schedule lately; managing the growth of Business Chicks – which has surprised all of us; and ‘managing’ the challenges of two little cherubs plus my belly which is now pretty big at almost 38 weeks pregnant. Belly shotHere’s a belly shot to the left and a quick snapshot of what I’ve been up to below.

Looking forward to: This weekend one of my team members, Rebecca Bodman, is getting hitched. Bec has asked me to emcee her reception and all the Business Chicks team will be there. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of her big day; honoured that she thought to ask me; and so proud of the fact that her Business Chicks sisters are so much part of her family that she’d want us all there. Happy wedding Bec!

Challenging myself by: This year I set myself a goal to buy five more investment properties. So far I’ve bought three so I’m feeling good about achieving this goal by the end of the year. I’m also exploring my first property development project. Property is just a way for me to stretch myself and create another income stream without a lot of effort, and I love it. I’m supported by a really fab team of people that I’ve built up around me – they’re all from the Business Chicks community and teach me so much about creating wealth and sourcing deals. One day I’ll share this dream team with you – it’s so easy to do well in property when you have the right people in your corner.

Ringing in my ears: I’m devastated that I missed out on our event in Melbourne last Friday. Alisa Camplin was the speaker and from all reports, she completely brought the house down. Some of the feedback included “WOW! Completely BLOWN AWAY by Alisa’s talk this morning,” then “Lots of laughter and tears this morning. Alisa was just brilliant. Going home to make some plans for my vision,” and then “Absolute silence in the room. Alisa has the room captivated.” Can’t wait to bring her all around Australia and share her with you.

Preparing for: My third child, due in just over two weeks now. My first two girls were 10 days and 15 days ‘overdue’ respectively so who knows, I could still have a month to go of being this pregnant. I’ve decided to work up until my due date this time around as I go crazy without a purpose and am useless to everyone if I just mope about at home, waiting for labour to begin.

Excited for: Giving birth! Really, I am! I’ve been blessed with two incredible homebirths (Milla’s story here, and Honey’s here) and just can’t wait to give life to this new little soul. We have the pool ready to go in our living room and our support team (a fabulous midwife and doula) are at the ready too. Giving birth is without a doubt the most thrilling and rewarding thing I’ve done, and the most privileged I’ve ever felt as a woman.

Not standing still: As I mentioned before, Business Chicks is growing beyond our wildest dreams. Business has doubled for us in the past year and this means managing change and lots of it. It also means that a lot of new opportunities are opening up for us, including new hires to the team. At the mo we’re looking for an Account Coordinator – this is a fab role. Take a look and have a think if anyone you know may fit the bill.

And finally … I’m proud about a few things. Our events around the country are selling out in record time (if you wanted to hear Michelle Bridges, Sir Bob Geldof or Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell in Sydney and haven’t got your tickets, I’m sorry – you missed the boat!) Next month we’ll present Sir Richard Branson in Adelaide and Brisbane and there’s LOADS more in the plan for the next six months, so keep your eyes and ears open, and if you do come along, be sure to come up and say hi!


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  1. shivani


    Amazing post. Sometimes when things come through I don’t read them due to ‘busyness’ but needed to read yours today. Firstly all the best for the birth. Look forward to finding our the post stories and experiences.

    Let me know who to connect with re: property in business chicks community. I am inspired from 3 so far.. to buy that investment one I have been planning for a year!

    We launched our second endota spa in Newcastle today in a Westfield centre. Very excited as its part of investment strategy to help thousands of women when I am not there!

    You were right. Couldn’t get a seat to Candice. Will get onto it better next time.

    Congrats – you are amazing!


  2. Emma

    Thanks so much Shivani for your beautiful words! Will be sure to keep you posted on this little soul’s arrival, and I’ll connect you now with my best property resource who’ll can help you tick that goal off your list. Easy! Congrats on the second endota spa – I love endota a bunch. Such a great brand run by beautiful women. Be sure to get on the waitlist for Candace as things can change – actually, leave that with me and I’ll let Sarah from my team know about it. Speak soon Lovely! xx

  3. Sal

    What a beautiful bump – looking forward to hearing of your latest little one’s safe arrival. And of course the name!

    Enjoy a little rest – you have had an amazing year professionally and personally – and it is only April!

    See you soon


  4. Emma

    Hi Sal! If you have any inspiration on names I’m all ears – we’re drawing blanks. With two little girls and two female dogs in the house we seem to have exhausted all the pink options! Thanks so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read the post. Means a lot.

  5. mish

    you certainly balance many things with grace and ease. All the best for your impending birth and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like some info on how to get your bits back into place ;)

    PS Looking forward to hearing Candice speak in Melbourne!

  6. Bernadette Jiwa

    Great to have you back Em…. we missed you!
    Thanks for inspiring us to do work that matters.
    Can’t wait to see your new little one.

  7. Samantha

    So nice to hear from you again Em! I can’t believe you are 38 weeks preggers, where did the time go? I can’t wait to hear the baby news soon, enjoy the birth lovely lady xxx