How to be a serious individual

09.01.10 | Posted in General

One of life’s indulgences is a BLD – a breakfast-lunch-dinner. It’s when you start the day with a breakfast catch up that turns into a lunch and then a dinner. Invariably different people join in and leave throughout the day, adding to the conversation and the experience.

I used to regularly have BLD’s with my mate John Maclean. The first time John proposed one of these days to me I almost went into a fit. “I’ve got work to do! How will my emails get done? I’ve got a meeting!” He told me to just relax and to go with it and that the little stuff could wait and would get done at some other time.

He was right – those days that we BLD’d together were some of the best and most insightful I’ve ever had – much more so than sitting in an office and going through the motions. I got to meet great people, debate interesting topics and learn heaps about life, business, career, money, success, love….

John Maclean springs to mind when I think about the term ‘serious individual’. This from his website:

John MacleanYou can count on one hand those who’ve had what it takes to both swim the English Channel and complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, one of the world’s most demanding tests of endurance. John has completed the Hawaii Ironman three times.

He represented his country at the 2000 Olympic Games.

In 2006 he took part in the invitation-only extreme endurance event Ultraman World Championships, in Hawaii.

He was recently invited into the sport of rowing. In September 2007 he and his rowing partner claimed a silver medal at the Rowing World Championships and a gold in Italy at the International Regatta in April 2008. John went on to sensationally win a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He’s done all this from a wheelchair: John is paraplegic.

Anyways, this is not a post about Mr Maclean although I could well write hundreds. It’s just about a term that he uses all the time. We’d be talking about someone – it could’ve been a sportsperson or a businessperson – and John would say: “Oh yeah, he’s a serious individual”. It was a term he used sparingly as it only applies to a few that have achieved mastery in their lives. You know. Those that are top of their game.

John, given that he’s a serious individual himself, knew a lot of these people. Here are some of the qualities that serious individuals share:

  • They know that there’s no substitute for hard work. No cutting corners. These serious individuals have gotten to where they are through blood, sweat and tears. No excuses.
  • They exercise every day and take care of themselves.
  • They’ve got their relationships in order.
  • Others respect them.
  • They value their finances and never find themselves in trouble.
  • They set big challenges and then go for it, not stopping until they’re achieved.
  • They’re well connected and move in circles of people who are just like them.
  • They know who they are and they’re real and authentic about that.
  • They’re knowledgeable, well travelled, well read.

Who’s the serious individual in your life? Is it you?


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