Business Chicks turns five

29.08.11 | Posted in Entrepreneurship

On Saturday night I had dinner with some of my closest girlfriends, all of whom have had a big impact on me over the past few years. During the meal, Amber leaned in to me and said, “How did Dani meet Susie again?” and I said, “Business Chicks”. Then she asked, “And how did you meet Susie?” I smiled and said “Business Chicks.” “And you and Dani?” “Business Chicks,” I laughed, “and you and me Ambs? How did we meet?” “Business Chicks!” she said.

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It’s a week of reminiscing as we approach our fifth birthday at Business Chicks this Sunday. Of course, Business Chicks is older than five years, but five years marks the official time that I bought the business. I can’t take any credit for having the initial concept – that credit must go to the team at BoysTown, the organisation responsible for the children’s charity Kids Helpline. They founded it several years before I came along with the event ‘the Business Chicks breakfast’. I just changed it heaps, turning Business Chicks into an online community and growing the other areas of the business – media, publishing, and of course, events. Nowadays, the brekkies that we still run only equate to about 10% of our business activity and revenues.

It’s hard to capture all that’s happened in these years – the growth has been phenomenal – and we’re so proud of our past and even more excited about our future. I know we’ve created the forum for magic to happen, but even we don’t realise the impact of how far reaching our community is, and just how much we’ve achieved of our mission: to enrich the lives of women in business.

One of our Premium members, Mel, runs a digital business and told me just last week that she’d turned her $149 membership fee into $60,000 with thanks to Business Chicks. She met another member on our website who went on to engage her to build three websites (valued at $60,000). Pretty good return on her investment.

Then there’s another of our members who has Business Chicks to thank for her latest achievement – a romance! Yep! We have a few male Business Chicks members (and they’re very welcome – we’re all inclusive here and don’t want to recreate the equivalent of a boys club by excluding them…) This Business Bloke connected with one of our other members to talk about a project he wanted to get off the ground, and they ended up hitting it off, and well, I’ll leave it to them to tell the full story…

And just yesterday my mum and her friend Julie came over to our house for lunch. Julie recently become a Business Chicks member (unbeknownst to me) and said she grossly underestimated just how valuable it could be for her. She is a keen property investor and told me that the connections she has made have been invaluable. She has met people from all around Australia that she would never have been able to access and it’s going to help build her portfolio in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

Then there are the members who have achieved incredible feats like climbing Mt Kilimajaro in Africa; or working at Geraldine Cox’s Sunrise orphanages; or helping out at the School of St Jude in Tanzania; or cycling across Cambodia – a by product of that last trip was that one of our members lost 45kgs in training – something she says she would never have been able to achieve on her own.

Business Chicks is a place where you can connect with likeminded women, do business deals, meet friends, share unique once in a lifetime experiences, give back, learn something new, be inspired, grow – the list goes on!

So this week, as we celebrate our past we’d love to hear your Business Chicks story. Just tell us here and you can win of five prize packs worth $1,450 each. Hip hip hooray!


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  1. Hazel

    Congrats Em and all of the girls – this is such an amazing achievement and I am so privileged to be a part of it.

  2. Emma

    Thanks so much Jodie – look forward to hearing one of your success stories!

  3. Sally-Anne

    Happy Happy birthday team – I remember my first event and my first connection – we still do business together now!

  4. Melissa

    Congratulations to Emma and Chicks for achieving so much over the past 5 years. I have set BusinessChicks as my homepage for daily inspiration! Best wishes for all that is ahead

  5. Emma

    Thanks so much Melissa. Awesome to be your home page ;) Appreciate you visiting here, and supporting Business Chicks!

  6. Lauren

    Congrats Emma! Proud day for Business Chicks everywhere! Soon, we will take over the world! Haha

  7. Susie




    to Em and the wonderful team that lead the Business Chicks community.

    I’m bursting with pride and can’t wait to celebrate with bubbles SOON!!! Lots of love Susie xxxx

  8. Emma

    Thanks Lauren. I’m sure world domination is just within our reach, haha!

  9. Natasha McNamara

    Have a look at all the energy that ‘Business Chicks’ creates! This community is one of the most rewarding networks I’ve ever been a part of & I’ve felt welcomed from the moment I joined as a member when Em sent me a little ‘hello & welcome to Business Chicks’ email. keep up the fantastic work!

  10. Emma

    Thank you so much Tash! We love having you as a part of it all – you have the best smile and so much warmth and that is infectious. Thanks again – see you in November in Melb, Em x