Are your dreams bursting at the seams?

13.02.10 | Posted in General

I’ve had a really inspirational few days. Not surprisingly, it started at the Sydney Business Chicks brekky on Friday.

Our speaker was Gemma Sisia from the School of St Judes in Tanzania. Now here’s a woman on a mission.Gemma Sisia

Gemma’s a country girl from northern NSW. She grew up the only female in a family of seven brothers on a sheep farm, studied teaching when she finished school, then headed to Africa to teach for a few years.

She fell in love with the country. And a man. She now has three children to him, lives in Tanzania and runs the School of St Judes – a school she founded with herself and one other staff member. When they started they had three students. They now have 350 staff and 1300 students.

It’s such an incredible story but what I took most from it was Gemma’s personal tenacity, commitment and determination to fulfil her dream. She’s unstoppable.

The other thing that I got from hearing her speak is that there’s never a substitute for hard work. She showed pictures of her on top of some wooden beams, hammering together a roof. She showed a photo of her with two of her teachers and a picture of her in a classroom. I’ve seen her itinerary for her Australian tour – this woman knows her dream and works non-stop to make sure she’s goimg to realise it.

Hats off to you Gemma. I hope that you reach this year’s dream of welcoming another 200 students into your schools and I’ll do all I can to help.

If you’re reading this there are a couple of things you can also do to help:

  1. Please head to and donate what you can.
  2. Gemma’s speaking for Business Chicks at our first breakfast series for the year in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth – head to to book in and tell your friends to come along

Gemma started her dream small – by asking people to donate a couple of dollars – and she still firmly subscribes to the belief that if we all contribute a little, we’ll be able to achieve a lot.


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