About Me

Some things you might not know about me
  1. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, having never worked for anyone else (apart from waitressing throughout high school so I could buy my first car which I did when I was 16). It’s safe to say I’m probably unemployable.
  2. I juggle my business world (I’m the CEO at Business Chicks) with my family life – I’ve got three young daughters under the age of four. Sounds harder than it is when I put it like that.
  3. I’m passionate about a lot of stuff – property investing, the environment, letting women birth how they choose, giving people amazing experiences, the marriage of business and philanthropy and stepping up and having tough conversations that push me, and others, outside our comfort zones.
  4. You can follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn and subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed and newsletter. I’m also on Instagram under @emmaisaacs
Speaking and media enquiries

Please contact my assistant Brittany Woodford on 02 8235 0110.

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