A momentous day!

24.06.10 | Posted in General

I’m walking with a spring in my step this morning, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Julia Gillard, our first female prime minister

Whether you’re a Gillard fan or not, today let’s put that aside. Today let’s just rejoice that we’ve reached a milestone. Our country is, for the first time in our history, lead by a woman. She will be sworn in by our first ever female Governor-General. No matter who you vote for, please just take some time today and be grateful for where we are today.

Today young women will look to Gillard and say “that could be me one day.” We now have a role model who has achieved something that no one else has, and it sets a precedence that anything is possible for women in this country.

I, like you, will be watching her journey closely. Congrats Julia.


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  1. Amy

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s all embrace the fact that Australia’s leadership has changed forever, and for the positive. Now, let’s see more women striving for what they really want and let’s also see them achieve it, because it really is possible!

  2. Karen

    It is a big deal. For Sydney-siders we now have Chicks in charge of 5 layers of government.

    Quentin Bryce, Govenor-General; Julia Gillard, Prime Minister; Kristina Keneally NSW Premier; Professor Marie Bashir, NSW Governor and Clover Moore is the Lord Mayor of Sydney.

    Whatever your politics, whatever your view on the monarchy or any of the other underlying issues regarding the positions or the people. This is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

  3. Baeu Medina

    Arrrh Em, they say you shouldn’t talk about religion, money and politics amongst friends…. You’ll always get lots of opinionated people :-)

    I am not a fan of Gillard, but nor was I a fan of Rudd! Whether she is female or not is unfortunately is overshadowed by the fact, that whether we liked Mr Rudd or not, he deserved the right to go to an election and allow the people of Australia to decide his fate. He was not given this right. The Australian people were not given this right. Labor made a very clever political decision to move Gillard in, so that they can stay in the game for the next election – doesn’t necessarily mean it was the right things to do.

    However, we can look to our neighboring country New Zealand, their previous two PM’s (prior to the now PM) were female and elected fairly, Helen Clark in particular lasted almost a decade and was elected by the people of NZ – Now that’s’ a PM I would like my daughter to recognise for being a strong influential woman.

    In all honesty – In my opinion, they are all as bad as each other! Politicians are like used car sales men – not to be trusted! I doubt I would ever want my child in that line of work in the first place ;-)

    Keep up the thought provoking blogs, they are always such a pleasure to read!

    Baeu x

  4. Lisa

    It is a wonderful exciting day for Australian women. Its makes me feel as though I can do more and be more. The importance of something like this and its effect on the way women see themselves can’t be overstated.
    A great day!