A great post-meeting follow up tool

12.10.10 | Posted in General

I shared breakfast this morning with a very accomplished woman, ex-Macquarie Banker Sara Lucas of Heads Over Heels. Afterwards she sent me an email with a list of the takeaways from our meeting. Brilliant! She itemised out every little thing that she’d learned from our chat.Not only did it make me feel like we’d achieved something in our time together but it also validated our discussion, and gave me a prompt to do what I’d promised her I’d do after our meeting.

Try this if you’re looking to build relationships, trust, credibility and accountability. It works!

What other things do you do after you meet with someone to further build on the relationship? Let me know below!


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  1. Faye Hollands

    Great post Emma! This is something I do with all of my coaching clients as I find a follow-up email after each of our sessions keeps them on track and accountable. It’s a simple approach but it can make a big difference to the success of a meeting. It also shows that you’ve listened!

  2. Melanie Champion

    Hi Emma I always try and send a thankyou email after most meetings with any items listed that need to be followed up. I find it is good rapport building and the lists work well.